Direct or Indirect Veneers

This is a layer of tooth-colored material bonded to the tooth to improve esthetics. Defects on teeth, discoloration, mal-positioning, chipping or gaps can be corrected by directly bonding composite material to the tooth or cementing a laboratory-fabricated ceramic or porcelain material to the tooth.

Vaneers before and after images

Brighten Your Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening

Do you hide your teeth when you smile? Brighter, whiter teeth are often what patients are looking to achieve. Some people are born with pearly whites and some aren’t. If you're not happy with the colour of your teeth, there is an endless variety of options available today, from professional whitening to whitening rinses and toothpastes.

There are many reasons why someone chooses to get teeth whitening. You may be a big coffee or tea drinker and your teeth are stained as a result. Or when tooth discolouration occurs as a result of a root canal treatment, bleaching agents can be applied internally to lighten the colour of the tooth and improve the esthetics. Whatever the reason, we can help you achieve the brighter smile you’re looking for.

Why Have A Professional Handle Your Teeth Whitening?

It’s easy to find teeth whitening kits over the counter at your local pharmacy or grocery store. However, not all whitening kits are the same and not all tooth discolourations respond to tooth bleaching treatments. If you are considering professional teeth whitening, Dr. Javier can determine if the cause of your teeth’s discolouration can be treated with bleaching.

It’s especially important for those with root canal treated, fillings, crowns, or extremely dark stains to consult with Dr. Javier about teeth whitening. Since there are various ways to bleach your teeth, knowing what exactly is causing your teeth’s discolouration can better determine which whitening technique would work best.

Treatment Of White Spots

Several treatment approaches can be used to eliminate unsightly white spots left on teeth after braces, initial decay process and developmental defects. Depending on the cause and severity, it ranges from conservative techniques that do not involve removal of tooth structure to minimally-invasive techniques that restore the teeth’s natural color and translucency.

Improve Your Oral Health

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